Friday, January 13, 2012

Five Minute Friday ~ Awake

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Topic: Awake

I am slowly awakening to a side of me that has been lost for a long time. Last weekend I painted.
Now you might say that I have painted a lot in the last year, basements, vanities, various other projects but that is not the painting I am talking about.

Last weekend I got together with my Father (the Artist) and had him show me the basics again. How to paint a picture. A picture on pulled tight canvas. The oils mixed and the hour flew past.

That weekend has brought to mind the years in art classes, the hours watching my Father paint. Then I read this post and it hit me. With the photography and the decorating and the sewing there was still a piece of me missing. The piece I got from both an Earthly Father and a gift from a Heavenly Father. I need to create.

So this year I plan to awaken that artistic side again.

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