Monday, January 16, 2012

Hutch Make Over

I told you we have been up to many projects. We finally have a project completely done. I have been dreaming of this hutch since we first started talking about a craft room in the basement. I even started a pinterest board on ideas for the craft room. The whole room isn't quite finished yet but the conversation piece is done.
I searched for months looking for the perfect hutch. Steve and I picked up this large hutch off of craigslist. And what a small world it is, after months of searching this one ended up in the town next to ours and as we were picking it up we saw Steve's co-worker, who lives across the street from the person we bought it from. We took it home and it sat for a while while we finished the rest of the basement.

Once we were ready I gave it a top to bottom cleaning. I decided I wanted to try the Chalk Paint that everyone is talking about. Mostly I wanted to do this so I didn't have to sand again. I wasn't looking forward to it after the vanity. So I decided to do the homemade chalk paint. I did a 1 part plaster paris to 2 parts paint mix. And you know what, I am not sold on it. It took three coats of the paint mix and then two coats of regular paint to finally get it covered. Also the paint chips off pretty easily but it works.

Once the outside was painted I decided to paint the inside a light gray color. Steve then did the final coats of paint and cleaned the windows. It was then that we took a look at the hinges. Oh they were a mess! Steve removed the hinges and cleaned the up and sprayed them a nice brushed nickel. They look so much better now.

Then it was done! My fabric never looked so good.

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