Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Chalk Board Wall

We took inspiration from this picture for our wall. Of how we wanted to do a half wall of the chalkboard paint. We chose the wall in my craft room. First we painted it with just the normal wall paint. Then we painted over it with black chalkboard paint we picked up at Menard's. We followed the required three days of curring before seasoning. Which really just consists of dragging chalk all over the wall and the wiping it off.
Before we did that I loved the wall, it was perfect black contrast in the room. Once we seasoned it. Well, lets just say it is a messy look of gray now. And no amount of cleaning makes it go back to the nice black. (yes, I used a wet wash cloth even) One a good note Mouse loves it, the neighbor kids loved it so much they put one in their house too. Here is the wall: With Mouse's note to Santa on it.

Here is how I decorated part of the wall for a photo shoot with Mouse.

But it does let me take pictures like this with just a bit of editing in Photoshop.
 ~ Cassi
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