Thursday, January 12, 2012

Growing out of decore

As we finish the basement the decor came out of boxes.  For years I have collected beer signs, mugs, lights, all with the thought of hanging them in the new basement.  One day we took all the beer decor out and set it around the basement.  We looked, discussed, moved items around and then looked at each other and said "not all of this is going up on the walls"  I was surprised that I felt this way.  Years of looking at antique stores and flee markets for just the right addition to my collection came down to a few minute decision not to show it.  I spoke with my Dad about not putting all this decor up.  I inherited a lot of the signs from him.  He collected the signs throughout the years.  He just stated, "yeah, sometimes you grow out of this stuff"  I never thought I would.  Cassi and I decided to hang and showcase some of the more classic signs.  It will blend with the rest of the art on the walls.  The rest is in a box, ready to give to a neighbor who will proudly display them in his garage.


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