Sunday, October 16, 2011

Dresser to Vanity

We have been documenting our working on the basement here. The part I am the most proud of is our bathroom vanity. Here is a brief tutorial on how we did.
We wanted something different and thanks to blogland we had some great inspiration. Then Craigslist helped the rest of the way. We found a great deal on an antique dresser ($15)!
And that is when it got time consuming. The dresser was cheap due to it's condition. The veneer was cracked and bubbled in numerous areas. Trying to get this off the dresser was a little bit of problem. We tried ironing it so the glue would let loose but sanding it seemed to be the best option.
After a few rounds of sanding we were able to prime it. The top was painted with a semi-gloss black and the bottom half was painted with a satin white.
Yes, that is me in my painting get up.
Once it was all painted then I distressed it on the edges and gave it a quick glaze of black.
Steve did a great job redoing the drawers to fit the plumbing. We got the sink and the faucet at Menard's. (the green tape is so I can paint the two inside walls white. We are leaving the cherry for the rest.
And this is how it turned out! It's perfect. I am so excited. Now we just need to get the plumber back out to finish the hook ups and we will be able to test it out.
Isn't it pretty.

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~ Cassi
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