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Lets get to know each other. My name is Cassi. I am a wife and mother, you will meet my family shortly. I am a photographer and owner of Bright Photography. My domestic loves are cooking, decorating and sewing. I am pretty sure I have enough cookbooks and food magazines for three people. But I use them all the time, or at least that is what I tell my husband when I buy a new one. I also work full time as Regional Operations Specialist, meaning I look at company procedures and make sure they are efficient and are followed by employees. But my dream job would be to work in forensics. One of my life goals  was accomplished in May of 2011, I received my Bachelors degree! It has been a long, long process and I am so glad to be done. In my free time I like to travel, take photos and read. I am an avid reader with very eclectic tastes in books. Ghandi said "Be the Change you want to see in the world". I truly believe this, I hope I am living those words. Well enough about me for now.

My family consists of my husband, Steve and the other contributor to the blog. He is the rock in this house, he is mellow and thinks everything through, so much more than me. To give a good example: Our daughter was three and had gotten a hold of a pen which she proceeded to break in our living room. We had been in our house for maybe six months at this time, the pen went everywhere new carpet and new ottoman. My husband freaked for about two minutes then moved our daughter to the bathroom and then googled how to get ink out of carpets. By the time I got home all was back to new. She is so lucky I wasn't the one home, not only would I have freaked for longer then a few minutes, I would have ruined the carpet and ottoman. It would never have crossed my frantic mind to google it. My husband works as an IT guy for a hospital group. He is a sports guy and avid music fan (all kinds). He will be the one letting me know I need to make grammar and spelling changes to the blog.
The other cuter and funnier part to our family is our eight year old daughter. I am going to call her Mouse. She came up with the name today. We were doing a Mommy / Daughter lunch at a local Mexican restaurant, while sitting there eating chips with cheese she called herself a mouse. I loved it immediately. She is small for her age and zips all over the place and she does love cheese. She is a mystery fanatic; Nancy Drew is her hero.  Her babies and the final members of our family is our two cats: Frankenstein (hers) and Aspen (my husband's). Both are enormous and hairy and loyal to her.

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