Monday, October 18, 2010

Inspire me Friday on Monday

I completely forgot to post the Inspire Me Friday. So here it is on Monday. I am still looking to redo my gallery wall in my living room. I posted some living room ideas here. Today I am focusing on just the wall, since that is where I can make the most change to the living room at this time.  A galley wall can make a huge impact on a room. One of the things I love about a galley wall is that it brings to like the owners loves. You can walk into a home and see by their gallery wall what is draws their interest.
Emily Clark
Of course if you have been reading some of my other posts you can see why this one holds my interest. It has two key features for me. One is the C is the left top side, since we have a collection of B's (here and here) I like how this one is incorporated into the gallery wall. I also like the addition of family photos. And that art deco mirror is fabulous!
Apartment 412
I love the textures in this one. The cross piece is perfect for it. But I think I love the number squares the most. They are very whimsical to me. I didn't see if they had meaning to the family, but if we incorporated important dates I think that would make the wall very personal. 
Isabella And Max Rooms
I really like the unity of this wall with the black and white. This doesn't work for what I have but I could see trying to find a space to do this. I also love the chalkboard additions to it. I have seen this in a couple gallery walls and love it but I am not sure I would know what to write. I also noticed that this wall has the same typewriter picture as the first one. I like that picture, might have to find it.
I also noticed in each one of these and from before that there needs to be what is called an anchor piece below the art work. I don't have that now but will be adding it. I can see how much it helps define the wall even though it is not apart of the wall.

I hope this has inspired you to make your own gallery wall.

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