Thursday, September 9, 2010

Inspire me

I am completely inspired by some of the designs I see out on the web. I mean just look at the three I show there. Each so different and yet inviting and personal.
The Nesting Place
The Nester is so great at her picture groupings and causal cozy feeling to her rooms. If you are not a follower of her blog you should be. What I learned from this picture and the rest of her blog is I need more dimension and textures to my space. I have accomplished that in the pillows and curtains but I need to apply it to my walls also. By adding the small shelf and dish she managed to achieve that depth. The dish and chalkboard also add more textures to the space. I also love how the black of the chalkboard and the coffee table play off each other, it just draws your eye in. I also love the corner couch to me it just screams "come read a book here".
The Design Diva
The Design Diva, isn't a blog but it does have some ideas that are easy to follow. There is also a list of design books on the site if you are looking for a inspirational read. What I love here is the over sized picture, the bird catches my eye. Ok one thing you should know is I love birds in decor, please don't go buy me a real bird! I reality their squawking, messy cages and not sure what to do with them does not interest me at all. Sorry to all pet bird owners, you will find my two cat house probably just as nerve racking as I find live birds. Ok, back to the room. I also love the red tables, they are highly functional and the color is great! The walls here are great but not an option I am considering for my space.
This website seems to be more of a gallery of ideas. I really like the vintage feel of this room. Again this room has the "come read a book" calling.  The pops of color from the coffee table and the cabinet are so appealing. I would love the window bench and bookshelves but I also want that in my office space, and I think twice in one house might be too much. Thoughts on that? The furniture placement in this one is what I hope to have once I get new furniture.
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