Monday, September 27, 2010

Masterpiece display

I hope you all were inspired by last Friday's post as I was. I have been busy making this child masterpiece display for our hallway.
This project was so easy! I found the back board out Michael's already sanded and sized to two feet. Then Mouse and I made a trip Home Depot and picked the trim piece to go on top of the backer. I then cut the trim to fit the back piece. Using a wood glue I connected the two pieces together.
Next I meant to sand the edges but I forget and painted the piece a chocolate brown. I also had bought this letter B at Michael's. I mod podged (that can be a verb right?) it with some scrapbook paper in pale blue. Then painted the edges with more the chocolate brown.
Once all these pieces dried I hot glued the B onto the back pieces and added the little pearl beads.
The final piece was the ribbons. I hung the board with little hangers I had then with double stick tape I hung the ribbon on the wall to get the right lengths. After words I took each piece and sewed the ring on to the bottom. The rings original use is to hang curtains.
And here is the final product, complete with masterpieces!
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