Friday, October 15, 2010

Book Review- O'Malley Series

I have just started re-reading the O'Malley series by Dee Henderson. I can't begin to tell you how much I love this series. Dee Henderson is a Christian author, but don't let that scare you if you think all Christian authors are too preachy. I had never really looked into Christian Fiction authors until my Mom suggested this author. Henderson provides the perfect mix in her books. She gives you this great suspenseful plot line that just pulls you in from the start. Then she adds in this romance story, this part lets you in on the characters so much. Then she adds a Christian element to the books that fits right into the story line. This part never feels forced or directed at the readers instead it gives you insight into how the characters deal with life. And that in turn gives the readers ideas for their own lives.
The first book in the O'Malley series is real a prequel that was written after the others. Start here! You can read them out of order but you shouldn't there is some spoilers to doing it this way. The prequel is Danger in the Shadows . This tells the story of none of the O'Malley's. Yes that is right it is part of the series but you don't get to know the O'Malleys. This book is about Sarah, her brother Dave and Adam (the love interest). Sarah is under protection from the FBI, from a childhood incident. Then along comes Adam, who is a public figure and could ruin her hiding place. All would be great if it wasn't love at first sight. The kidnapper from her past has found her again. It becomes a game of cat and mouse to see who will find you first.
So lets learn about this O'Malley clan. They are a group of adults who grew up together at an orphanage in Chicago. As teens they decided to adopt themselves as their family. Now as adults they have changed their name to O'Malley and consider themselves siblings. With all each of them have been through they are loyal to each other no matter what. Each of them has gone into a field that helps others in crisis. But none of them are believers, these stories follows them through as adults and how they balance, work, family, friends and faith.
The first book in the O'Malley series is The Negotiator. This is where I am at now, for the second time. This story is about the oldest girl of the O'Malley clan; Kate. Kate is a negotiator for the Chicago police department. This is how she meets Dave (from the prequel see why you have to read it first). Dave's job suddenly becomes protecting Kate, which he doesn't mind. She has a scary guy from her past that is looking for revenge. That same guy who just blew up a plane to prove he was serious.  It is up to Kate and Dave to figure it all out: faith, love and safety.
Seriously if you haven't read these books go buy them now! I restarted them this weekend and I am already on book two. The rest of the books follow suit: The Guardian, The Truth Seeker, The Protector, The Healer, and The Rescuer. More on the rest later...

**This review is my own, I am not paid by Dee Henderson or Amazon. Won't that be nice if I was**
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