Thursday, October 21, 2010

Comfort in a Quilt

I am sick.. Bronchitis is not fun. Even worse when my kid is not feeling well either.

There is one thing nice that comes out of being sick...cuddle time.

I love cuddling up on the couch and watching a movie under a quilt. And it seems the only time we do this as a family is when one of us is sick (and in one of us I mean me or Mouse, S doesn't admit to being sick). 

The quilt is a special quilt. We have one that normally stays out in the living room to use for cold nights, but that one is not the special quilt. The special quilt is the one I have had since high school. This one with it's patchwork of colors is made by my Great Grandmother. It has become threadbare and ripped in spots (as you can see in the picture). This is why I only take it out in times of great need for comfort.

My Great Grandmother made quilts for everything and everyone. After she reached 100 years old she started making quilts in advance. She made both my brother and I baby quilts for when we had our own. She died two months before we found out we were expecting Mouse. It was a comfort to know that Mouse would be able to share in the warmth and comfort that I had. Did I mention that all of her quilts were hand sewn.

While pregnant with Mouse, I was put on bed rest and decided to make her a quilt. I did it the same way my Great Grandmother did it all by hand. It was after that I realized how much love, patience and work went into each one.

So now I curl up in comfort knowing the love that came with the quilt.
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