Friday, September 24, 2010

Inspire me Friday

As a parent you always bombarded with the next master piece. Between school, Awana, Sunday School and home we are constantly being given artwork. I, of course, love everyone! BUT, I don't necessarily want to keep every single piece. I had read an article once on making a space for the artwork that has a limited amount of spots and let the child pick which pieces get displayed and which ones will be taken down.
So now our daughter has been in some type of school for years and I have yet to make a space for her. But that is changing. I did an Internet search on some creative ideas to display her masterpieces. 
Design Sprout
I liked the industrial look of this one. We could probably use some more industrial aspects to our decor. But that is a lot of art on display. And the wall where this is going to go isn't that high.
This one was a little more classic looking and less art work to display. With only one kid we don't get quite the masterpiece overload as some do. So I like the one line of art display. But this one still took up a lot of space or the spot I had in mind. 
Anyone know where I found this that would be great!
This was it. I loved the look of this. There was one line of work in a condensed space. I also liked the initial on this one. We have (OK really just me) been wanting to collect different styles of the letter B, which is the start of our last name. My idea is to do this in the hall and then above it will be all the different B's we find when out and about.
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