Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Gallery Wall.. Finally

This stupid wall has been a work in progress for two years now. First we had the photo shoot, first I made a tent for the shoot, then we took the photos. Then I posted about what style of gallery wall I wanted. Then I painted a picture to go on the wall, that took about a year.
Then it sat.
And sat.
And sat some more...
I think I have a bit of anxiety around this project. It's the main wall in my house. It's the one everyone sees. It's the one I see most often. What if it doesn't look right? What if I hate it? I know I can change it up but it's a lot of work to hang pictures (and hang them well).
I have also been stressing on do I have enough to make it look eclectic with out being so much that it looks like a souvenir shop.
This week I finally stop delaying, kind of.
gallery wall, pictures
I laid out what I had. Baby steps.
I think I like the above lay out. I want to pick up one more something for under the shelf. And I will probably make something thin along the left side. But I think it's good. Right?
gallery wall, pictures
And, WOW this picture turned out blurry. Even my pictures are shaky about this project.
Which picture do you like on the left?
I think I am going more towards the Weaver picture then the tree.

OK, next I need to put it on the wall. Maybe next month
~ Cassi

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