Wednesday, October 9, 2013

What We Wore Wednesday

Being a busy mom, shopping has not been something I do often, beyond the all inclusive shopping trips to Target, so online clothes shopping has become my norm. I have different clothes delivered, as you can see here and here. I also buy a lot of our clothes from an online from Thredup which is a virtual thrift shop. But there I found Sevenly!
What are they?
"In January of 2011, two young EntrepreneursDale Partridge and Aaron Chavez got together with the mission of leading a generation toward generosity. With a belief that people mattered, they began a journey to change the world. On June 13th 2011, Sevenly was born. By creating weekly cause campaigns where customers could purchase products that gave $7 to a weekly charity, Sevenly successfully unlocked not only a way to crowd-fund for causes, but to drive massive social awareness as well." ~ From their website.
What a great concept right? I get to buy clothes that go to a good cause, win win!
I knew what my first purchase would be when they featured this shirt. This is my favorite saying and it's a globe in a chalkboard style. It's perfect. And I have to say it's soo soft and comfortable. 
Mouse is also in love with her new jacket. She found this at a local thrift shop the other day and fell instantly in love. And even though we were there to look for shoes, it is rare she really asks for clothes that I couldn't say no. 
Even though it is blue fur! Yep, so outside of my comfort zone but she loves it and that is what matters. 
Do your kids have a favorite outfit that just makes you shake your head?

~ Cassi

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  1. Aw, I love your shirt and your daughter's jacket! The jacket is definitely different, but she looks so happy about it, you've just got to love it :)


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