Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday ~ StylingOn Review

I hadn't been overly satisfied with my last two Stitch Fix boxes, so much so that I never even posted them. I contacted them after the first disappointment and they made tried to make up for it, but I still was wowed. Then I see an ad on Facebook of all places (I never have clicked on a Facebook ad) for StylingOn.
I still liked the concept of StitchFix, clothes mailed to my house, picked out for my style by someone else; in essences I don't have time to get to the mall and shop for myself. I also love the idea of someone sending me things that will push my comfort zone.
StylingOn seemed to offer some features that improve my other experience. They don't charge a fee! How they work is they charge you the whole box and then you can return whatever doesn't work (even the whole box) and they will refund your money. I liked the idea of not feeling like I had to keep something. They also focus on building an entire outfit for you.
StylingOn will send you the entire look: top, bottoms jacket, dress or some combination of that with shoes, jewelry and a handbag. It all sounded pretty good, so I gave it a try.
I am so excited about my first experience with them. When I signed up I asked for them to send me Emerald Green and work style clothes. Here is what I was sent:
First it comes in this way cute box, which my daughter quickly confiscated. 
I was really unsure about the shoe part but was very surprised with what they sent.  
Not only did they fit but I liked them. Sadly, I didn't keep them since I own black booties. 
I was happy to see that they sent me a green.
I told them my style is preppy, which they nailed with this outfit. But combined together I wasn't thrilled with how it looked on me. Each piece looked good on it's own though. The green sweater was wool though and I just wasn't sure I would remember to wash it correctly. 
The skirt was really cute on it's own. It was hard to decide which piece to keep, since I only could keep one at this point. 
For jewelry they sent this great necklace. I mean I loved this necklace, my mom loved it, my sister-in-law loved it. I just could pull the trigger at its price point and I own one similar to it. But I will probably always regret not keeping it. 
I also asked that they not send me a handbag, I just never change mine out. So instead they sent me another article of clothes again hitting my green request dead on. 
This Kenzie dress was soo soft, it felt like jammies. I really liked it but the sleeves were just off enough that it was odd wearing a sweater or jacket over it. But I debated this one for quite a while. 
So what did I keep??
I kept this white shirt with tab sleeves. I picked it because I thought it would give me the most versatile looks. I paired it with riding boots and teal necklace. 
But for work I paired it with a pencil skirt. 
Not sure if the booties worked with it but I liked that I could wear for work or fun. 
I have to say I am excited to see what my next StylingOn box shows up with. 

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~ Cassi

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