Monday, July 29, 2013

Multi-Colored Chairs

Oh man, we started this project soo long ago. We have a tendency to do that...headboard, basement, it might be a theme. But at least I can say we do finish them.
Through out the year Steve and I have been collecting random chairs from thrift shops and garage sales to replace our current chairs. We decided on the multi-colored and design look.
 First we took apart the old chairs and gave them a thorough clean. 
 Next we painted each one with a white primer. The final steps was one to two coats of paint. This one we used spray paint.
 We finished of two of the chairs with a pale beige cushion.
 These next two we used a spray gun with interior paint in it. 

The final one we used a brush and interior paint. But it left too many brush strokes on the chair so we didn't do the rest of them like that.
 Thankfully Steve's Dad gave us a spray gun. 
 I love the pops of color it brings to our very wood based dining room.  
 Check out links page to see where we posted this project to.

~ Cassi
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