Monday, July 22, 2013

DIY Faux Pallet Wood Headboard

 Thanks to Pinterest and other blogs, Steve and I fell in love with the pallet wood headboards. So we  planned this out back in February. The decision was to use various size wood planks and multiple stains. But Steve was nervous to use pallet wood, since you never know what was used on them he didn't want it that close to our heads. That means we bought new wood from the store and instead.
Once we got all the wood together, Steve and I laid it out in the pattern we wanted. Then marked the backs for color and location. This was a life saver in putting it back together.
 Steve had fun! The life of a blogger, dealing with photo bombing husbands. I was really trying to go for a random pattern in wood and stain.
We decided on a darker warm stain, a light wood stain, a gray drift wood stain and a blue stain. The blue shown here was a bit dark so I gave it one quick coat of the gray stain. The grey took four coats to get it to the color I wanted. 
Once the stain dried about 12 hours just to be safe we flipped them over in order of how it should look on the front. To keep it together we used four 2 x 4 along the back of the pieces. This is where we connected the small pieces and stabilized it.
I wish I would have taken a pictures of how Steve hung it on the wall. He made these wood wedges; one on the wall and one on the headboard. The two wedges came together and held up the boards to the wall. He also added L brackets to the base of the four 2x4 coming down the back to the wall.

Seriously I love it! I am soo excited about it and it fits perfectly with the look we are going for. And the blue brings out the frames!

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~ Cassi

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