Monday, August 20, 2012

All talk and no proof

We have been working on projects around the home, I promise. But none of them are ready to be showcased yet.
To start with we have been working on the look of our yard a lot right now. We are really trying to gain more privacy. Steve started the process in planting some hedges. Next up is a small privacy wall around the back patio. To go along with that I need to redo the cushions on the patio furniture.

Secondly we are starting the process of updating the front of the house. Steve measured our shutters this weekend. We are changing out our maroon shutters to black. Then we are sanding and repainting the front door. Red door here we come!!

And yes we are still working on the multi-colored chairs for the craft room and dining room. We have five of the eight chairs painted so far. Now I have to refinish the seats on four of them. We still need to find at least two more chairs for upstairs.
This one is for the craft room. I think it will make a great photo prop too. Now what fabric to use for the seat?

~ Cassi

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