Thursday, August 16, 2012

Hedge planting

We are planting a hedge on the side of our front yard.  Last weekend Cassi and I went to the Nursery and found nine perfect bushes to create our 44 foot living fence.  The day we bought the bushes I put in a request to get our yard checked for phone, electric and gas lines.  I knew the phone line runs near where we wanted to plant and did not want to cut it.  Monday the electric and gas were marked so I decided to start some of the planting.  I measured for each planting, and dug out the grass where the plants would go.  I planted four bushes, now we went with a pattern, two nine bark on the ends of the row, with dogwoods in between.  I started planting at the far end, away from the existing garden that the row of bushes will meet with.  I planted four bushes the first night and had to stop for darkness.  Tuesday the phone company marked the phone line, well I was right, the phone line ran right where we were planting.  Lucky for me I did not cut a line on Monday night.  Cassi was home to help on Tuesday night, and I started digging, and she started planting.  A couple of bushes in she takes a step back and starts counting, then looks at me.  My math was fuzzy when digging the holes and I made one to many, and my genius idea of starting at the opposite end of the existing garden had come back to make the project more difficult.  So now we have a partial hole where a bush is to go.

 We are now discussing how to fix this, buy another bush or just move two plants around to fix my math error.
We are excited for this fence.  We placed the bushes, while still in pots, in the row and then sat down on our front deck.  Immediately you could feel the fence there, giving us some privacy, or maybe just defining the boarder of the yard..  I moved the bushed then sat back down on the deck and it felt strange, too wide open.  This front yard fence is just the start of transforming the yard to better fit our lifestyle.


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