Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Ready for School

School clothes shopping time is here and I decided to make a day of it for Mouse this year. We started the morning with breakfast at a coffee shop (she chose water to drink). Earlier this year I received a gift certificate to a salon which let Mouse get the whole treatment. She got her hair just trimmed though she wants to grow it out.
After her hair was done we headed to the shops. Thankfully I have a child who doesn't mind the thrift store so we started there and got a lot of the essentials out of the way.
Dad's only requirement for the day was to buy her school bag from a store that is not Target or Walmart, that way it will be more unique. He doesn't like to have to search three similar bags to find hers when we pick her up from school.
Mouse's requirement was that it be a messenger bag. I think I hit both requirements with this bag from Marshal's.
Next my Mom, Mouse and I grabbed some lunch. Mouse chose her normal soup and I had an amazing salad at Chili's, the quesadilla explosion salad.
Finally we made it to the mall. Mouse got to pick out one thing from the sales rack at Justice. (Seriously their clothes are just too expensive for the quality) All in all the day was a great success. She still needs some shoes, jeans and a winter coat but at least she has a good start.
And when did she start looking like Jennifer Aniston? This picture reminds me of her character on Friends.
And when did she start looking so old! Bring my little baby girl back.
And finally don't think she is too spoiled, most those bags only hold one or two items each and we bought nothing that didn't have a sales tag.

~ Cassi

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