Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Where I create

My craft room is finally complete! OK, still have to get some cute chairs in there but Steve is working on that. But the rest of the room is better than I imagined it.
We've posted bits and pieces of the room but not the full room. So here is the final look:
My two work horses in this room is the 10 foot table on the back wall that Steve built for me. I love this table, it is long enough to have two different work areas, one for paper crafts and one for sewing. Above that wall I added brightly colored shelves. Each of the shelves was painted in a different color. The curtains I made from a few yards of patchwork fabric.
The peg board holds all of my sewing needs. The shelves hold random items and a painting made by Mouse.
On the paper side the shelves hold paint and other various items. There is also a cork board to hold inspirational items.
The second work horse is my fabric hutch. It makes me smile. But the part that makes me really smile is the Hankie Banner. This hankie collection started from ones I received from Great Grandma when she passed away at almost 105 years old.  It shows my past and my future is shown in the map along the other wall, pinned as we travel together as a family.
The center table is from my first apartment and now works as a great for extra work space. The basket on the edge holds all those odd size items perfectly. And to keep it real I forgot to take the paper garbage bag out of the picture.
Wait till you see the chairs Steve is redoing for me. You will love them. Hint, one is TEAL!
Thanks for stopping by.
Hope you like the space as much as I do.

~ Cassi

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