Friday, February 10, 2012

Five Minute Fridays ~ Trust

It's Friday with Lisa - Jo and that means it's time to write. We write for five minutes unedited on one topic. Then link up with the rest at The Gypsy Mama.
Topic: Trust
That is a fitting title for this week. It was one year ago that a fire burned through our marriage, trying to destroy everything in it's path.
It's been a year of pain, regrowth and trust. Gone was all the things couples hold for granted. We were starting over. We gathered up as much defenses as we could from the fires. 
But it wasn't till they burned through the last of debris were we able to start the process of regrowth. We are still nurturing the growth. Gathering up food (knowledge) and sun light (from the Son).
We are learning to hear, to talk to trust again. It's slow that last one. Trust is harder to grant. There is vulnerability in trusting another. Leaving you open to the hurt again.
Sometime we need that reminder of the importance of time. After a fire a forest doesn't regrow to it's splendor in a year.  
Praying for the rebirth of this Bright Forest.

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