Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bright Forest

Me in the woods sometime in the 1980's
 I thought I would share how this name came about. When I decided to start this blog, I wanted it to be more personal then the ones I have done before. Yes before, this is my third try at blogging. My first try was a food blog - fun but short lived. My second was when I was designing and selling children's clothes. That one lasted longer and was the cause of the first one to be neglected and closed. But once I quit selling clothes I shut that site down also. I knew this one was going to be different.  

I wanted a name that meant something to me and gave a glimpse of us. So I did a google search of our last name. And the second definition of our name said Bright Forest. Perfect! That was it, I knew that was going to be in the blog title. Now strange story, I have googled our name since then and it no longer comes up. I feel this was meant to be.
My Brother and I
Living in Minnesota forests are plentiful. Walking through the forest has always brought me the most peace. Growing up we went on many hikes, these pictures I look back on seemed to be the happiest times in our family. My brother and I were not fighting in them and the sun is shining down. And though the memories can see the look of contentment on my parents face. Which is rare thing to see on my Dad's face, he and I share the same nervousness about life that makes contentment is hard to find. But there for that brief time we are all content, peaceful and surrounded by God's beauty. 
Mom, Brother, one of our many dogs and I
I have noticed even on vacations, that I love the forests most of all. My Mom and I went to Mexico together and though beach was nice and pool pristine, it was the  forest that called to me. The hikes we took through the rain forest was the highlights of our trip. It was welcoming in way that I can't describe. I have come to realize I need the green canopy, the crisp air and cool streams.
Mexico 2008- My Mom and I our first big trip
I wish I could say I take more hikes through the forest. But I don't. Life is busy and hard and time always seems to slip away. We go a few times a year. We take our daughter camping and hiking. And I can say I feel that same contentment when we go. There is something about the leaves over head that just seems to drown out the buzz of life and instead you hear the quietness of the forest. You hear the crunch of leaves under the feet of those your with, give you subconscious knowledge that you are surrounded by those who mean the most to you. The warm of the sun filtering through the trees and the hand of child in yours lets you forget the cold, emptiness of the living each day in an office.  Maybe trying to recapture that feeling is why we have so many pictures of trees, mountains surrounded by forests around our house. As I am rushing through the house each day, I stop for a minute and stare at the picture and remember the warmth. 
So please come walk among us in this Bright Forest.
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