Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Fever

Usually at this time of year I get cabin fever real bad.  I need to get away, somewhere warm, sunny, relaxing.  This year is different.  We are busy with projects but, we have also had a wimpy winter in Minnesota.  Right now the Twin Cities has virtually no snow.  Temps have been warm too with many days in the 40s.  I do not recall a winter like this, but rumor has it in the 80s there was a wimpy winter. I am embracing this winter, with the easy drives into work, the no back pain from shoveling, the gas saving from not running the snowblower or snowmobiles.
The evening sunset even gets me thinking of those warm weekend nights of grilling, enjoying dinner and being outside.  Those nights may come early this year the way our winter is going!
Summer Sunsets


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