Monday, February 13, 2012

Office Chair Remake

As with the other decor in the craft room the chairs are going to be colorful as possible. This will be great for two reasons. One I am loving the colors all coming together in that room. It makes me smile just walking by it. Second reason is the colorful chairs will be great props for my photography business.  
The first chair we worked on was one we've had for years. It's an old office chair that started out black with black fabric. Now if you remember we have a white cat so the black chair has stayed solid white and unused for along time.
So I took the chair apart  and refinished the fabric in a white with blue swiss dot flannel.

Then Steve pray painted the rest of the chair a bright cherry red.
And here is the finished look. I love it!
Check out our links page to see where we are linking up the chair.

~ Cassi

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