Monday, February 7, 2011

Forest Fire

The spark hit the dry tinder so early. It was left alone no one cared enough to put it out, so it lay there gathering fuel. The winds of change igniting it further. Until it became a fire so swift and fierce that it devastated everything in its path. It ate away at the large trees that rooted the forest until all that was left was hallowed out husks of the past.

This is what I have been watching unfold this week in my home. As we each confessed to each other our wrongs, as we poured out our pain. I was left standing in the smoldering wilderness, choking on the smokey aftermath of what we have become. I want to blame him but I know I have done no better. We both left the fire smoldering under the dry leaves. As if ignoring it would make the fire go away, instead it spread it's tentacles out to all areas of our lives, slowly destroying what it found.

The next few days, weeks, months will be a transition period as the fires are slowly drenched in tears, the flames will stop wicking away. As in any real forest fires the regrowth will take time and new vegetation will sprout but this forest needs to heal from the ground up first. I need to make changes in myself. I need to let the roots grow deep, strong, to not let the dry tinder pile around me, so I am not as susceptible to the sparks.
I also ask for your patience and support as I (we) move through this. I don't know what my future holds right now. But I do know that little Mouse who lives in that forest needs it restored to something she can flourish in.
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