Friday, October 8, 2010

Inspire Me Fridays

Lets talk Decoupage.. Yes you read that right. I am going to talk about Decoupage. I don't know about you but when I hear that word I think tacky 70's-80's craft projects. Even now when I techincally use it in a project I just say  glued some paper down. Really I don't want people to think I am tacky!
But I have been soo impressed with some of the work out there. Decoupage is getting a whole new chance in decorating. No longer am I thinking of this design form as embarassing but instead beautiful pieces of art.
Currently I am working on two huge frames that are.. are you ready for it... DECOUPAGED! eeks I said it. I hope to share them with you next week. They are finished I just have to get them hung on the wall.
So until then here are some amazing decoupage pieces that others in web are doing..

Stories by Me

I love these little blocks. I can think of so many great ideas for them. First would be as a baby present, how much nicer would custom blocks with family pictures be than the store bought ones. I love how they are used in showing both the word and the pictures.  

No Minimalist Here
This one is so gorgeous, I will have to copy this on some wall somewhere. I love old letters. She actually burned the edges to the to give it a very vintage feel. This also goes back to my need for larger items in my home.
Now for the truly ambitious.. 
Apartment Therapy
I mean really really ambitious! But I still love the look of it. This is a great idea for a small accent wall. I have seen ones similar done with crates or wine boxes. This one seems like it would be slightly easier than those and still a great effect.
Mrs B Blog
Now if you wanted a quick project perfect for the Halloween. Mrs B has it for you. I love this pumpkin. It helps that it has a raven on it which I love. (If you have noticed, I posted on here and here too) I also like that she covered it in a classic Poe tale.
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