Wednesday, October 6, 2010

4th Generation

I have been blessed to be raised by not one but three Mothers. 
Grandmother, Me, Great Grandmother and My Mom

First my Mom. Her and my Father met when she was just 15! She says it is one of the few or only times she has heard God's voice. God told her right then on the playground that he was the one for her.  They were married two months after she graduated high school. Within three months of that she was having open heart surgery. Mom tells me it was the best thing for their marriage. My Dad had to learn how to run the house and learn to care for my Mom. The tight bond they have formed has never been broken. Four years later came ME! (OK, another fours years after that came my brother, but this isn't his blog, so back to ME!) Growing up we knew that to my parents the kids came first. It wasn't till I was older that I saw how this really would shape who they have became. I can honestly say they sacrificed a lot for my brother and I. And now as an adult, we have strong relationship. I mean really they had to have done a decent job in my view, my Mom now watches our daughter everyday. I inherited more things that I can to count (I really am my Mother's daughter) but in truth our mannerisms, bluntness (which is a good thing Mom),  faith, and looks.
The second Mother I had was my maternal Grandmother. In my wee little years I remember going up to the lake to visit them. But before that and before my memory, we saw them everyday, my parents owned a bar/restaurant/convenient store place with my Grandparents. But my Grandparents had one major flaw, they were both heavy drinkers. And this was one of those sacrifices I saw from my parents. They never had a parent of their own to drop us kids off to. Though I know my grandparents loved us dearly, my parents weren't going to let us stay with them. And for that I am grateful, because I never had to see that side of my Grandparents, to me they were perfect. When I was 12 my Grandfather died and my Grandmother and I made a promise. She would quit smoking and I would quit biting my nails. I am so glad she followed through with this promise right way. (I have now been bite free for 4 months!) And with the no smoking, came no drinking,which meant we saw her more. Then my Great Grandmother moved in. It was in these teen years that I really got to know my Grandmother. I have her love of pink, cooking (her husband my Grandfather was a chef, we better like cooking), sewing..etc..
My third Mother was my maternal Great Grandmother. This lady was amazing! (I am not just saying that everyone says that about her) We called her Little Grandma when I was a kid because she was so short. She was born in 1897 at the weight of 4lbs. At that time the doctors told her parents to bring her home to be with her for her last moments. She fit in a matchbox as crib. They never even gave her a middle name or a birth certificate. At the age of 32 she along with her husband and neighbor applied to get her a birth certificate. During my Mother's school years she spent every summer with my Great Grandmother and Grandfather. The smile on my Mom's face is the brightest when she recalls those days. My family's favorite memories of her was her humor and love of presents. One year for Christmas she asked my Dad what he would like, he replied a new car. So that year he opened a small box from her with a matchbox car and 20 bucks in it. The card read here is a car and some gas money. That might still be one of my Dad's favorite presents. She loved presents, you could not send her anything before her birthday or Christmas she would open it on the spot. She was giddy as a kid on Christmas. I think I inherited some things from her too...her height, sassy humor, and compassion. My Great Grandmother had numerous sponsor kids through out her life time. She was always giving to some Ministry or another. She taught all of us the importance of God in our lives. My Great Grandmother died in June of 2002 (just weeks shy of 105, just months before we where able to tell her there would be a 5th generation to this list.
My daughter is now getting raised by three mothers too. She spends numerous days playing at her Great Grandmother's house. She not only received her name but I think she has inherited her craftiness. My Mom has watched her from birth on for us while we are at work. From my Mom, her Grandma she definitely inherited her love of animals and her slow eating habit. I hope she inherits a lot from me. So far I see my eyes in her, her compassion for others, and her fashion sense. I pray she learns to love the fact she to is raised by a group of women who only want what is best for her. 
Great Grandma, Grandma, Mom and 4th Generation Daughter
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