Monday, September 22, 2014

Zucchinni Noodle Spaghetti

In doing the modified cleanse I needed to come up with some vegetarian dinners for my family. Zucchini noodles has been something I wanted to try for quite a while and this gave me the perfect opportunity. 
I as surprised how easy they were. 
First you have to get a vegetable peeler that does julienne cuts. 
Next take the zucchini and peel the skin then take the julienne peeler and cut just to the seeds, don't include them.  Once peeled sprinkle with salt and let drain for a while.
To flavor them I sauteed them in to much olive oil and some pesto and garlic.

Now you can let them saute until just tender or until they get good and soft. I did just tender, Steve thought he would have liked them a bit softer. I think they tasted nice and fresh being still a bit crisp.
We topped them with organic tomato sauce and then of course cheese. Because no matter how hard I try and be good, I can't seem to give up the cheese. 
Overall I thought it was great and would make them again. 

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