Monday, September 15, 2014

3 Day Juice Clense ~ Modified

Juice Cleanse, DIY, 3 Day Cleanse, Smoothie, Juice
After two days of Minnesota Fair food and then a dinner out of fried chicken, I felt gross. Even my skin felt greasy. I knew I needed to due something about it. That is when I did a bit of Pinterest and blog research and found out about juice cleanses. 
Now juice cleanses can run any where from one day to 21 days, or at least that is what I saw. I decided to try a 3 day cleanse. I felt one day was not enough and 21 days was out of the question. I also decided that I didn't want to skip dinners with my family for this. So, I went with a vegetarian dinners and juice from breakfast through afternoon snack. The one I read called for 6 juices a day, which I made then remembered I was suppose to skip one of them for the dinner I was making. My picture shows one to many for the style I did.
To start the day I made a kale, spinach, banana, kiwi and apple juice recipe that I got from Good Hue. I had also read that juicers don't do greens or bananas, that being said I juiced the rest and then blended the greens and banana. 
Juice Cleanse, DIY, 3 Day Cleanse, Smoothie, Juice
 As part of the juice cleanse you are to have a juice every two hours. I found this to be a bit soon I got hungry at about every three hours so that is what I went with. I wanted to give my self freedom during the cleanse to do what my body said felt right or I knew I wouldn't finish it. Which means anytime I had the bored hungry feeling I popped a few almonds. This curbed the hunger feeling that I knew was from boredom. It is a habit I have kept up with since this.
My second juice was a beet, carrot, apple, and orange recipe, I also added some ginger to it. I love beets so I was surprised that this one was my least favorite of the day.
My third juice was one I will have often I really enjoyed it. Again I went back to Good Hue's recipes and did the spicy lemonade of lemons, honey and a pinch of cayenne pepper. 
My fourth was made with an apple, spinach, pineapple and cucumber recipe that I kind of made up from mixing a few together. That one was also very good. If you did no dinners you would have juice one again for dinner.
I will post about the dinner recipes I made on another day.
Juice Cleanse, DIY, 3 Day Cleanse, Smoothie, Juice
My daughter loves smoothies and wanted to participate a bit in this so after dinner we made almond milk, banana, pineapple and coconut smoothies. It was like having a healthy pina colada! Since this we have made a lot of smoothies together. That part has been fun. 
So did I get anything from this?  I think so. It got me in a habit to make smoothies for breakfast. I am a notorious non-breakfast eater. I just hate morning and breakfast is part of mornings. Give me coffee until about 10am then I am ready to eat. But I know that is not a healthy option and this has jumped started that. I also have found it fun making juices. I will post recipes as I perfect them. Did the cleanse help my skin like I wanted it too. Yes, my skin felt way better than it had when I started. Did I loose wait, no not in three days. But I didn't go into it thinking I would. 
I was surprised how much I didn't crave food after the first day. I planned meals for the next week and never felt hungry. 
Cons, I didn't get much sleep through this, you drink so much that I had to pee twice through out the night. I don't know how people can do it for 21 days. I also would find it hard to stick to the same juices every day. That got boring after day two for me. 
Pros, I taught my self a new style of food to make that is healthy and that both Mouse and I love. Though no one but me tried the beet one. I also did feel healthier, which I know was all in my head with only three days. But I am OK that. 
Would I do it again? Yes, I am already plan for the after the holidays. That is another time where I over indulge in to much unhealthy food.
Juice Cleanse, DIY, 3 Day Cleanse, Smoothie, Juice
~ Cassi
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