Wednesday, July 2, 2014

More flavored water ~ Watermelon Rosemary

rosemary, watermelon water, infused water
I am really getting into these flavored waters. Last week I tried watermelon and rosemary. It has a very unique taste with the hint of rosemary. Though it is not as good as the grapefruit and lemon / lime water it still gave enough flavor to make the water not so boring.  
rosemary, watermelon water, infused water
I bought a small watermelon and chopped it up into thin rectangles. Then I separated out a few springs of rosemary. In individual plastic bags I put together the watermelon and rosemary for two glasses. That way I could quick grab a bag on my way to work. The first two days were really good but they both lost there flavor later on in the week. Not sure why?
This week, I am doing plain grapefruit water, only because I forgot to buy the lime and lemon. But I hope to find another recipe soon.
~ Cassi

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