Monday, June 30, 2014

Added to our family

I am a firm believer that cats should come in pairs.  When a cat has a partner they are less likely to get bored while we are at work and weekend camping trips. With that belief we knew we had to start planning for a new cat. Steve's cat Aspen is getting on in years and is coming nearer to the end.  (Yes, we talked to our vet and they agreed.) We didn't want Frankie to be alone once she is gone. So we started the search.
We decided with the vets help to look for one that was 1 year or young but probably not a 8 week old. We are hoping this way the 6 year old Frankenstien would be still dominant but not be torn up with kitty claws and teeth. I really wanted a Russian Blue cat,  they shed less, but finding one proved to be difficult. Then this weekend the humane society had two of them! So we loaded up and headed out to the hour away humane society. By the time we got there the younger one had already been sold. So we took a look at the older one but he just wasn't the right one. Then we decided to take a look at some others. 
This guy caught our eye right away with his white whiskers. He was not anything like we thought we'd get. We had actually said we did not want a black and white cat. Then we took him into the visiting room and we fell in love. He was so gentle, in fact we actually had to check and see if he had claws because he never used them.
He is not much of a lap cat but he loves to lay right next to where we are. Once we got him home we started the difficult process of introducing him to our other cats. So far they haven't fought but there is a lot of growling going on. We have also decided on a name "Nox", it means night in latin. He really fits his name.

So many nevers were undone this weekend; "we will never own three cats" and "we will never get a black cat".

I am sure I will have more pictures later but for now he is sleeping next to me while I type and I don't want to disturb him.

~ Cassi
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