Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Infused Water

 infused water, flavored water, citrus water
I know we are suppose to drink water. And we should be drinking lots and regularly,  but truthfully I hate water. It's boring.  There I said it the real reason behind my water aversion. It's blah. But this spring my coffee drinking had gotten out of hand. So I decided that starting at noon. I would drink water until I got home from work. But I needed a way to want to drink it,  thank you pintrest for your help.
infused water, flavored water, citrus water
I found quite a few flavored water recipes.  This one is the one I stared with. It includes lemon, lime, cucumber and the fun addition of grapefruit!  I have learned to go light on the cucumber it tends to overpower the fruit.
infused water, flavored water, citrus water
This new style of water has helped in getting me to enjoy drinking it. So far I have done good and even kept drinking it once I got home.


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