Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Gallery Wall is Finished... kind of

gallery wall, pictures, art
The gallery wall is finally done! OK, I really want one more item along the edge by the shelf and small square picture, but for now it's done. This wall seriously took way to long in the making. And I have realized why, I was waiting for it to be perfect.
I wanted to gather all the items first. I wanted each item to be just so. This kept me from enjoy our family pictures. I am starting to learn to let go of those design perfections.
Yes, I know to some this wall might not be perfect or even good to them, but to us it a wall of memories.  
gallery wall, pictures, art
We have the family pictures from the stylized session my Mom shot for us. I love these photos, they make me smile so much. The feathers are from that day out in the field. The painting of the birds is one my Dad helped me paint. I love that I can look up there an see our work together. The print on the other side maybe a bit of a sore point, Steve hates it, but he lets it slide knowing it's one of my favorites. It also represents the first time I took Mouse to the art museum. The final painting is a new one that I just got from Gracelaced, it brings in a Bible verse to the space, which is something I really wanted for the room. The antlers are just from a local boutique that we picked up on a date night. And the card is from KaityDaisy. The final item is the tatting cross in the oval frame. The cross my Great Grandmother made and gave me before she passed away at 105, being able to look up and see that every day is wonderful.
The piece I am looking for is a thin long piece in an off white to balance out the look and fill in that gap. I think I will make something with all our important years on it.
~ Cassi
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