Monday, July 14, 2014

Old Suitcase = Cat Bed

cat bed, old suitcase, DIY, repurpose
It has been ages since I posted a DIY project. Mostly because we have really finished a single project and secondly we haven't had a lot. This one we decided had to be finished now that the new cat joined the house. We made one for Frankenstein so he feels important still and then one for our room for any of the cats.
First we took apart a vintage (retro) suitcase, that yes we just happen to have laying around the house.
cat bed, old suitcase, DIY, repurpose
One issue we had with that is it left two rough edges on each half of the suitcases. The side with the hinge took some funky sewing to hide but I figured it out.
cat bed, old suitcase, DIY, repurpose
For Frankenstein's bed pillow I wanted it to match Mouse's room, which is pink upon, pink, upon, pink with a bit of black and white. She picked out this hot pink zebra print fabric and I added the black trim to tie it all together.  Then I stuffed it with the filling of an old comforter we had. Hmmm... I sound a bit hoarderish right now.
cat bed, old suitcase, DIY, repurpose
Steve added small table legs to the base of the suitcase that I had painted white. He just drilled a hole and added the washer and nut on the other side.
cat bed, old suitcase, DIY, repurpose
Then I made this fabric roll to cover the back hinges. We won't go into that part because it was a mess.
cat bed, old suitcase, DIY, repurpose
Here it is in Mouse's room, she loves it and Frankie is still deciding on it.
~ Cassi

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