Friday, May 24, 2013

Traveling view

Fridays I fluctuate between Five Minute Fridays and InstaFriday. But we are all community here, right? They can be combined into one post.
So I write for Five minute, no edits, no re dos and at the end I will see if there are pictures from this week that match the words of this week.

Topic: View
We all have a view of our lives and how they fit in this world of ours. This view is shaped by our nature and by our experiences. It's with that idea that I put such a high value on travel for our family.
To get away and experience something different. Sometimes in historical, or amazingly big trees, other times it's for fun new experiences
Like getting dolphin kisses and snorkeling in the ocean. To view into a world that lies under the waves. Last week we took Mouse on a trip to Jamaica. Her global view widen.
 As we relaxed in the sun our view of life relaxed. The important things from the week before melted away to the really important. Time with family and making memories.

 I hope these images stay in her mind for every. That her view of the world and her place in it is for ever effected by the places and experiences she has now.
Especially the experiences of knowing Mom and Dad are right there with her experience it all too. That we are there to lean on, learn with and view with.

~ Cassi
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