Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Day two of California trip

Our plan for the trip was to spend a few days in the woods, hiking, geocaching and hitting the tourist spots. We also planned a day at the beach and walking around the Victorian town of Ferndale.

These burls were every where. Some way high up looked like tree houses. This one was low enough for to be able to hop on.
 This part of the forest was my favorite. It reminded me of the movie Fern Gully. Movies seemed to be a theme through out our trip. There was a movie getting filmed in the forest while we were there. So it made us curious to see what other movies were made there. So in case you are interested there was Jurassic Park, Return of the Jedi, Outbreak and Salem's Lot were filmed in Ferndale.
This was right on the property where we stayed. Just one of the many tourist attractions in the area. 

This was my favorite picture of Steve. I love the awe on his face as he looks up at the trees. I think we all looked this way for most of our trip.
~ Cassi

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