Monday, September 24, 2012

Chair / Photo Prop

In our search for vintage dining room chairs I found this chair with great lines!
I knew I had to have it for my business.

Steve painted the chair a olive green color.

Then I got to work on redoing the seat. First note to those trying to recover a seat.

Since the pad I bought was obviously not going to work, I came up with a new idea. I had some fleece that would stretch all the way around so I staple that to the back leaving a spot open. I then filled the space between the seat and the fleece with batting. Once filled I stapled the fleece closed.

After that I took this pleated material and started stapling that. When recovering a seat you want to staple once at the front center and then back center pulling the material tight with each staple. Then repeat this step as you move to each side of the center staple. Then repeat set one as you move to the sides. I leave the corners for last. Finally fold the corners and staple.

Then you are done and can screw the seat back on to the chair. I am so excited with how this chair turned out I can't wait to use it.

~ Cassi

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