Friday, September 21, 2012

Wide is the Gap

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Topic: Wide

"For the LORD is good and his love endures forever; his faithfulness continues through all generations." Psalm 100:4-5

Earlier this week at Bible study we talked about how it seems like American culture wants to widen the gap between generations. No longer to we dwell with our parents, grandparents or great grandparents, instead we head out to make it on our own. And the gap widens.

It was never a conscious thing we did when we had Mouse. We never set out to make sure she was raised up with Grandparents and great Grandparents around her. But when my Mom offered to watch her for us that is what happened.

The gap is shrinking. I watch her seek guidance from Grandma and Pa. I watch as she observes my Grandmother cross stitching. And the gap starts to disappear.
Mouse and Grandpa ( they are not driving thus no helmets)
 "But if a widow has children or grandchildren, these should learn first of all to put their religion into practice by caring for their own family and so repaying their parents and grandparents, for this is pleasing to God." 1 Timothy 5:3-5

How true that verse is. How we long to be good Christian as we forsake the family. I am not saying that every family or family member needs to be allowed access to you (especially if they are harmful). But we do need to look to our family first. Whatever family that maybe your immediate family or family in Christ.

We need to learn together, shrink the widen gap of older Christian and younger ones.

Saturday Morning devotions
 As I ponder and pray through my devotions and Bible study I am aware of the need to teach Mouse to continue to seek out knowledge from those that have gone before. We as a nation, as family and as individuals are better through learning from the past. Not widen the generational gap.

My morning stop before I leave for work
So I spend my morning curled up next to a sleeping Mouse thinking of how I can decrease the gap. Teacher Biblical truths of families and not the culture expectation of a wide gap between young and old.

**OK I might have typed for 7 minutes, don't judge :) **

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~ Cassi
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