Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Dinner Fail = His Side / Her Side

Her side:
I will start by saying that in general my husband is not a bad cook. I love to cook so he doesn't do it as often. But on days like last week were we need to eat the minute I walk through the door so we can head back out he does a good job. That is until bacon spaghetti...

I am a meal planner. Which means on Sundays I plan out the meals for the rest of the week for the cookbooks and magazines. Steve was to make this recipe from Food Network Magazine. He does not vary from the recipe. And you shouldn't have to but if something doesn't seem right to you PLEASE VARY!!

I got home and I have to admit it smelled great, bacon, mushrooms cooking, yum.

Then the taste. The pasta felt coated in butter. I asked Steve if he had drained the bacon grease. And you can guess his answer "The recipe didn't say too." Soo not good. But to show support (and the fact we had nothing else for dinner) I ate my portion, made Mouse eat hers and hoped we didn't end up with clogged arteries.

His side:
The recipe sounded good, and was a change from the spaghetti we usually make.  I read, then reread the directions then started making the dinner.  The bacon smelled real good, and cooked up nice in the pan.  The recipe did not state to drain the bacon grease so I left it in.  In thinking back I should have taken at least 3/4ths of it out.  Once the tomato paste went in some of the bacon grease was soaked up, but then the two tablespoons of butter caused more of the greasy look and taste.
I would make the recipe again and just make adjustments.

~ Steve & Cassi

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