Monday, May 21, 2012

Wine and Cheese DIY Journal

Steve and I love trying different cheeses. Our favorite is Parmesan with pears or sharp cheddar and apples. But there are a few cheeses out there that we really don't like and we forgot which those are when we get to the store. So we decided to make a Wine and Cheese Journal to keep track of the ones we've tried. The wine part I added because I can never remember which wines I liked.
We had so much fun making our travel journal that we thought we'd try some other styles. This style DIY journal we learned from Beautiful Mess blog. To start with I cut some heavy card start into squares.
Taking the squares I then taped the pages together with plain old masking tape. Mostly it was because that was the only tape I had but, I liked the contrast once I started. Taping the pages was a little difficult after there was a lot of pages. But it worked out ok. You start with two pages face up pushing the edges together I taped them together. Then flipped the left page over and started the process over with the next page.

Once the pages were all together I used numerous layers of tape on binding of the book to reinforcement. To finish it off I added letter and some scrapbook embellishments.

Inside the journal we are keeping track of which cheese's we've bought and how they tasted along with what we liked eating with it. We are also doing the same with wine. The labels make great visuals to the page.

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~ Cassi

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