Monday, April 16, 2012

DIY Smashbook / Journal

I have been admiring Elsie's journal's for some time now. I have even followed a few of her Art journal prompts. But, I have been looking for something more preplanned to start with. Then last week on a trip to Archivers to look for pens, I saw Smash book. Yep, I know I am WAY behind the times.
Smash book or Ditto books are kind of a preset art journal. It takes scrapbooking to a non-perfection level. It was exactly what I was looking for.
But, once I started pricing out all the pieces I would need to get have a book ready to go, it seemed a little high and none of the books really met my needs.
I decided to take pieces from both brands and a little bit of Elsie's style and make my own. Steve and I decided we would try it for our upcoming California trip. We decided we wanted to make a three ring binder style. We picked out a binder with a good cover and the old school hardboard that holds pictures. To start the journal portion, I pulled off the cellophane and then adhered scrapbook pages to the hardboard. To that I added the different embellishments. Here is a few of the pages I did.
I picked up the Smash pen / glue combo. I love the thought process on of this pen.

Once we got it done we realized that we didn't want to wreck the cover on vacation so we put the finished pages in a three ring binder for travel and once home we'll put in the hard cover book.
Mouse loved the idea so much she decided to make one herself. Here is her version.
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~ Cassi

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