Friday, May 18, 2012

Five Minute Fridays ~ Perspective

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Topic: Perspective

This weekend is 12 years. All those years ago I had an idea of what marriage should look like. I wasn't seeing it in the marriage I was starting. My perspective was skewed by 21 year old naive self. In not seeing what I thought should be there I no longer looked at it at all.
Steve's talked about the same, this perspective we had and didn't share with each other. It blurred the eyes and hardened the heart.
This past year has started to clear and soften.
Going into this 12th year, I have a new perspective of what marriage should look like. New values to uphold. It still needs work and effort but all things worth doing does.

Here is to to the next 12 years, may they brighter then the first.

~ Cassi

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