Monday, February 6, 2012

Map it

Steve and I bought this map of the United States when we first got married with the idea of mapping out where we've been. It's now been over 11 years and three houses and the map has followed us. We can proudly say it has found a home after all this time.

Steve framed out the map on the open wall in my craft room. It works perfect in the space with it's bright colors. I made felt flags for some stick pins and added them to the map. We have four colors blue for Steve, teal for me, pink for Mouse (She goes on trips with my parents. She is on 11 states so far between both families.) and the last one lime green for trips we've taken together.
This spring we'll be able to add two more flags to the map with a trip to California Redwoods planned.
I can't wait to use this map as a way to pick out locations we have yet to see. It will be fun to see the map fill up.
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~ Cassi

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