Monday, March 7, 2011

Is your Marriage on Target?

That is what our counselor asked us one night. She used the example of a dart board when describing the different things we value in a marriage and in our lives.

She said the center is the things that are most important to us. Those must haves in order for this to work. But then she said all the other areas along the outside are important to. When throwing a dart it is sometimes ok or needed to land among the outter rings.

She asked us to make a picture of our personal dart board and to hang in the house so we have a constitant reminder of what we are aiming for. So Steve and I of course couldn't take the easy route on this one. We discussed it and built a 3R paper diagram of what we saw as our dart board. I, of course, made sure it matched the colors of our bedroom. We drew out a rough draft of what we wanted it to say and how it should look.

Here is how we did it. And we only had to purchase 3 things!
We bought a 12 x 12 scrapbooking frame at the local store. We also purchased scrapbooking sticker dots to add dimension and silver letter stickers.

Then we choose the colors of the paper. These I already owned from my scrapbooking collection.

Then we found items around the house that were the right circufrance for the dart board circles. We traced these on to the paper and then cut them out. We then found smaller items to use so we could have just outline of the circle. Now if you are good circle drawers you could skip a lot of house hunting but that we are not.

We then folded the circles in half and half again. We cut them at each of the folds to make four equal pieces. The center circle we left whole. We then spaced out how we wanted the letters to be. This took a lot of time for the first few. I then got into a letter sticking groove and the rest went pretty smooth.

Once we got to this point we (Ok really just me) thought it looked a little to kindergarten art project. So we decided to ink the edges of the circles in navy blue ink. I think this added some more dimension to the project. We then added the puffy stickers (not sure what they are called) and laid out the dart board. Final step was putting it in the frame.

I am quite happy with how it turned out. So was our counselor, she asked us to take a few pictures so she can use it as an example for other couples!
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