Thursday, May 17, 2012

Yellow and Black

Hornets or wasps seem to be out in force at the house this spring.  We opened up the camper last weekend to air it out for the season.  There was a wasp making a nest right in the door of the camper.  He was determined too.  I took a broom and removed the nest and he flew away, and kept coming back.  I spent as much time trying to get rid of the wasp as I did setting up and cleaning the camper.  I finally trapped it in a window...Then last night I went to start the grill, I noticed a nest in the corner of the house, then opened the grill and one was making a nest inside the grill!  These things are determined.

Now I am not a fan, at all, of wasps.  When I was younger I was picked to go into a pontoon that had the awning down and get something.  While rummaging around for whatever was needed I backed into a nest and was stung a handful of times.  Lucky for me I am not allergic to stings.  That episode has traumatized me since and I move real fast when wasps are around.
The two nests I dealt with last night were easy enough, broom to sweep away the nest, and lucky for me the wasps didn't come back.
Now to find a way to get to the nest that is starting in a high eave of the house...


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