Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I Heart Faces Challenge ~ Family Fun

I Heart Faces challenge this week is Family Fun. This picture isn't technically to great but I have always loved the emotion in it. We often talk about how quiet our house is. We have us three and two cats. And for the most part unless the TV is on or it's morning feeding for the fur balls it's pretty quiet. Neither Steve or I were the class clowns. Goof ball antics are not the norm. So when I was snapping pictures of us on the couch one day Mouse got pretty carried away. I don't even remember why she was covering her Dad's mouth but we were laughing pretty hard. If it wasn't for this picture it would have become a forgotten moment.

Want more technical shots visit my business site Bright Photography. But most importantly grab a camera and snap some shots to remember the moments that make you laugh.

~ Cassi
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