Monday, October 10, 2011

Compassion International - Zaida Update

It's been a while since I have posted about Zaida. You can check out how we became sponsors here. Check it out, then come back.

OK, back good.

I still sometimes get lost in thought on how different our two worlds are. I think of Zaida's mother often. Does she fear the same things? What are her hopes and dreams for her daughter? What is it like for her being connected to another Mom thousands of miles away? Does she love us as much as we love her little girl?

Someday I hope to go on a Compassion Blog trip to answer all those questions, to visit the little girl who change our perspective.

Zaida is doing great. The letters we are receiving from her are becoming more thought out. One of my favorite letters was when Zaida gave us a recipe for hen soup. I hope to adapt it to make it for Mouse one of these days.

Remember October is the month to get the Christmas donations to Compassion. There is a lag time in dollars to presents being available at Christmas so get your donations in soon. If you are not a sponsor yet, what better Christmas present to give a child.


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