Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Our new obession

When Steve and I went to Jay Cooke last month we tried a new new-to-us hobby.


Yep you read that right we have joined the million others who started this years ago. We are kind of late on the bandwagon here. We have been wanting to increase our hiking (and general getting out more). So, when we saw a free class offered at the state park on geocaching we thought we'd check it out.
Beyond the fact it rained through our lessons it was a lot of fun. It reminds of being a kid again. I would have my mom hide envelopes around the yard for me to find. (In my remake of the Secret of Nihm)

Steve and I got home and picked up our own GPS unit. Mouse is having a blast. This puts all her Nancy Drew skills to the test.
For me it gives me a reason to bike five miles (for some that is not much for me that's a lot) after work.

This weekend we shared our new hobby obsession with the rest of the family. We might have hooked a few more people.
What did you think I would show you a picture of where the cache was?? Really the only picture we took was a give away to the location. So you will just have to find the "Steps & Falls" cache yourself.

Happy Hunting

~ Cassi
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