Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mouse's Super 'Clue' Birthday

I love that Mouse follows none of society standards for what is cool. She loudly professes her love of Frank Sinatra and her hatred of Justin Bieber. (LOVE THAT) She rocks out to SuperChick and knows the lyrics to Monster by Skillet. She can hold her own at a BMX race (watching still, Dad would love for her to race) but then the next day she can sit through Tea and wear vintage hats.
So when it comes to her birthday she has always been outside of the box sets. Which I love but it sure makes my job harder. Thankfully she starts planning them a year out. This last weekend we celebrated her 8th birthday in Nancy Drew style.
Oh, did I mention she has me make her an outfit that goes with her theme each year. I love that too. This year she wanted Nancy Drew. She has been collecting the original books for years now. (one of these days she will read them, I hope) So we went with the original colors of yellow and teal. She wanted a vintage skirt like Nancy. I got the shirt idea from this talented lady. (click here) Under the Nancy Drew silhouette is all of the original titles to the books.
For dessert Mouse wanted blondie cupcakes. Because in the new Nancy Drew movie she has blondies. I will just tell you know don't make them! They were horrible. Thankfully most eight year olds have no knowledge of good food. I also made some homemade marshmallows in blue. Then we decorated the table and background with her book collection. Mouse also made paper cut outs of the book titles, as you can see in this picture the orange staircase goes with the book The Hidden Staircase.
Then Mouse and I made this banner. I am really starting to like the banner. I see it here all the time and it's growing on me. It is so great that Mouse was so involved this year. She really wanted to help make the decoration and come up with ideas.
The room is just part of our half finished basement. The streamer idea and Chinese lanterns came from the Nancy Drew Movie. She celebrates her birthday in the movie and there is a cute scene about streamers.
The center of the table needed something so the mock-up of the t-shirt became a picture, along with more of Mouse's books and drawings.
Now this was the two parts Mouse was adamant on! We had to play a game clues. So Steve and sat down and wrote out clues that lead the 12 screaming adorable girls around our house. In the end that found their gift bags. This went over so good that my Mom and I had to quickly write up two more rounds of clues before the party was over.  The other part Mouse wanted was the invites to look like ransom notes. So she and I cut out letters and glued the to the envelopes. The cards I made from card stock and printed off the Nancy Drew silhouette and stuck it behind velum.
In the end Mouse was happy. I am so amazed with her personality every day. For her birthday we got her golf clubs. We are all taking lessons this summer. It will be Mouse and I's second year, but Steve's first. Then she also got her ears pierced! Steve also got her a Frank Sinatra look book. It is very cool. And I made her a diary.
Oh and in case you didn't guess next year's birthday theme GOLF!

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